History of the Boscolo Venezia luxury Hotel


Built at the end of the XVI century by the Patarol family, and then inherited by the noble house of Rizzo, which became extinct in 1833, the building now housing the 5-Star Boscolo Venezia Hotel was a monastery and the embassies of France and Savoy. The building has the structure of a Venetian house, which functioned both as a place of representation and as a storehouse for the well-to-do lagoon merchants.

Multi-colored marble, fine Venetian stucco, superb chandeliers - authentic works of art of the master glass workers of Murano – wall decorations, brocaded and inlaid in the floors: these are the constant features of the hotel.

At the time of its construction, the Fondamenta Madonna dell’Orto was the only one to be cultivated in all of Venice and the palace thus became gained an enormous garden, something really rare here: the Boscolo Venezia is the only hotel in Venice with a private garden of over 2000 m².

Winding paths, trompe-l’oeil with rocks, caves, false ruins; fountains which, with their crystalline jets underline the quietness of this splendid park, and an ice-house: the hotel offers its guests a real journey through history, a sublime pleasure for the spirit and the eyes.