Insider a Venezia
The Rialto Market

Not many people know that in ancient times Venice was called “Rivoalto”, which means “high bank”. It has been abbreviated to “Rialto” over the years and it now refers specifically to the oldest part of the city, which is famous for the bridge and market of the same name. Located between Campo de la Pescaria and Campo San Giacometto, the Rialto Market is one of the most quintessential Venetian sights and there is nowhere else quite like it. From the early hours of the morning, it is bustling with “authentic” Venetians who peruse the stalls while the cries of the traders beguile and dazzle them. There are stunning, extremely fresh displays of the finest local seafood and the pick of the local fruit and vegetable crops, which form the basis of the cuisine in the lagoon area. The picturesque market is open until 1.00 pm from Monday to Saturday.